Acronym Acro.Definition
Acronym Acro.Definition
AC Alternating Current
ACC Apparato Centrale a Calcolatore
ACSES II Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System II
ATC Automatic Train Control
BPT Balise Programmer & Tester
RD Read
RD Receive Data
RR Relay Room
SAER Stand-Alone Event Recorder
SD Seismic Detection Emergency Stop
SD Slow Drop
CBT Computer Based Training
MTORE Module Tout Ou Rien Extension
MTORE Binary I/O Module Carborne
CPS Conditional Power Supply
CLU Communications Logic Unit
CPU Central Processing Unit
MM Motion Monitor
MOC MicroLok Object Controller
NV Non-Vital
WTMS Wayside Train Monitoring Systems
WIMS Wayside Infrastructure Monitoring Systems
NVL Non-Vital Logic
NVLE Non-Vital Logic Emulator
NEC North East Corridor
OS Over Switch Track Circuit
OS Overspeed
OCC Operations Control Center
OBC On-Board Computer
BT Booster Transformer (RailTrack)
BJORD Broken Joint & Overrun Detector
PSU Phase Selective Unit
DE German
CDP Code Following Relay
CCR Constant-Current Regulator
LCP Life Cycle Plan
LCS Local Control System
LV Low Voltage
MCL Modular Color Lights
MC Modulated Carrier
MV Medium Voltage
N/A Not Applicable
NA Not Available
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association
EN GB English Great Britain
CCR Constant Current Rectifier
CCR Cross Reference Register
CTC Centralized Traffic Control
AEI Auto Equipment Identification
AC Axel Counter
ADL Auto-Add Data Link
ADU Auxiliary Display Unit
ADU Aspect Display Unit
ADL Automated Dispatching Logic
ADL Advanced Data Logger
EN USA English United States
dB Decibels
DC Direct Current
TRU Track Resonant Unit
TM Training Manual
TSR Temporary Speed Restriction
TSR Train Speed Restriction
EN AUS English Australian
TCS Train Control System
TS Target Speed
FR French
TS Technical Specification
TS Train Stop
CCRP Constant Current Rectifier
CCRX Constant Current Rectifier
TS Test Set
PVID Permanent Vehicle ID
ITA Italian
PSD Platform Screen Door
PTC Pittsburgh Technology Center
PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient
ART Alarms Recording & Telecontrol
ART Allarmi Registrazioni e Telecomando
CC Communication Computer
FET Field Effect Transistor
STU Sense & Transmit Unit
CBI Computer Based Interlocking
CCU Command & Control Unit
HW Hardware
PP Posto Periferico
PL Passaggio a Livello
PTU Portable Test Unit
PL Position Light
PF Power Factor
PF Power Frequency
DCD Data Carrier Detect
DIP Dual In-Line Package
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ERTMS European Railway Traffic Management System
TMS Traffic Management System
FRA Federal Railroad Administration
GPS Global Positioning System
GUI Graphical User Interface
HABD Hot Axle Box Detector
DOORS Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System
DID Destination Identification
DCS Digital Carrier System
DD Display Driver
DDL Digital Data Link
DL Data Logger
CP Cylinder Pressure
DA Direct Acting
HWD Hot Wheel Detector
Hz Hertz
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
AF Audio Frequency
AF Auxiliary Feeder
AFTC Audio Frequency Track Circuit
ATB Antenna Test Box
AF-90x AF-900 Series Track Circuit
ATO Automatic Train Operation
ATS Automatic Train Supervision
ATS Automatic Train Stop
ESR Emergency Switch Release
ESR Emergency Speed Restriction (Railtrack)
ER Event Recorder
ERS Event Recorder System
TR Track Relay
TCR Train Control Room
TCR Track Circuit Reconfiguration
US & S Union Switch and Signal
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
USSP US & S Secondary Surge Suppressors
VAC Volts AC
V Volts
SS Solid State
JR Juridical Recorder
SS Slave Select
SS South Stick (Route Locker)
TCR Train Control Room
TE Time Element
STM Specific Transmission Module
VE Vinyl Ester
WABCO Westinghouse Air Brake Company
VHF Very High Frequency
VR Vehicle Regulation
ECC Electronic Circuit Controller
EOS End of Siding
ATP Automatic Train Protection
I/O Input/Output
PD Power Down
PD Point Detector
PD Project Director
PSO Phase Shift Overlay
Rx Receive or Receiver
RR Railroad
RLU Receiver Logic Unit
RDU Receiver Display Unit
P/N Part Number
QMR Quadrupla Ridondanza Modulare
RX Reception
RBC Radio Block Centre
SW Software
SLC Station & Line Controller
SLC Controllore di Stazione e di Linea
I-ETMS Interoperable Electronic Train Management System
KHz Kilohertz
EBNC Electronic Biased Neutral Controller
ECC Emergency Control Center
EL Electronic Light
EH Electronic Hybrid
EH Electro-Hydraulic
ESS Emergency Stop System
LAN Local Area Network
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
RPU ROM Programming Unit
ROM Read Only Memory
SCADA Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
SBU Sense & Brake Unit
SCEB Slide Controlled Emergency Brake
VR Virtual Relay
VID Vehicle Identity
WS Workstation
ZC Zone Controller
SCT System Configuration Tool
SEC Serial-to-Ethernet Converter
SER Signal Equipment Room
LED Light Emitting Diode
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
MHz Megahertz
MLK II MicroLok II
MPH Mile per Hour
OLE Overhead Line Electrification
PC Personal Computer
PCB Printed Circuit Board
ATC Automatic Train Control
AUX Auxiliary
ALF Auto Logic Fallback operation
ATCS Advanced Train Control System
AVI Automatic Vehicle Identification
AM Automatic Mode
AU Automatic Routing Mode
AT Automatic Train
AFO Audio Frequency Overlay
ALNICO A family of iron alloys; aluminum (Al), nickel (Ni) & cobalt (Co)
ASES Advanced Speed Enforcement System
AKT Amplitude Keyed Transistorized
AW Area Warning
ATT Audio Track Transceiver
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PTC Positive Train Control
QMR Quadruple Modular Redundancy
RBC2G Radio Block Centre 2nd Generation
RTS Request To Send
SM Single Mode
SM Service Manual
SIG Signaling or Signal
SCS South Cab Stick
SCS Speed Control System
SL Switch Lock
SAM Stand Alone Monitor
SAM Switch Activating Mechanism
SSJ Solid State Jointless Track Circuit
SML Switch Machine Lock
SSR Solid-State Relay
SSR System Requirements Review
SMC Switch Machine Controller
RF Radio Frequency
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RSE Railway Signaling Equipment
LSR Locomotive Speed Regulation
LSR Switch Locking Relay
MA Manual Automatic
MB Mother Board
DCS Data Communication System
DT Dynamic Test
DR Doppler Radar
DR Deficiency Report
DR Data Radio
DR Disaster Recovery
DPSD Delayed Pick Slow Drop
MC Motor Car
MCP Manual Control Panel
MLK MicroLok
MCU Motor Control Unit
SCMT Sistema di Controllo della Marcia del Treno
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
PB Push Button
PRCCI Programmable Remote Code to Computer Interface
PVID Permanent Vehicle ID
PA Project Administrator
PA Pennsylvania
PAL Programmable Array Logic
PAL Phase Alternation Line
PAL Permissive Action Link
PAL Prescribed Action Link
PS Power Supply
PS Point of Switch
SS Speed Sensor
EC Equivalent Circuits
EC Enable Clock
EL Emergency Local Override
HC Highway Crossing
HS Home Signal
HV High Voltage
LCP Local Control Panel
SSCT Solid State Code Transmitter
SST Solid State Timer
TTM Telemetry Transmission Monitor
Tx Transmitter
TC Track Circuit
TC Train Control
TID Train Tracking Identification
TTW Train To Wayside
TWC Train to Wayside Communications
PS Product Specification
PS Permanent Suppression
PS Phase Selective
SIAP Sistema Integrato di Alimentazione e Protezione
SIAP Integrated Power Supply and Protection System
SSB Sotto Sistema di Bordo
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol /Internet Protocol
T & IMP Train & Infrastructure Monitoring Platform
TCCS Train Conformity Check Systems
BERT Bit Error Rate Test or Tester
BRD Broken Rail Detection
BN Biased Neutral
CC Composite Case
CC Carborne Controller
CC Control Center
CC Central Control
EMS Event Management System
EMS Emergency Stop
EMS Environmental Management System (Railtrack)
EP Electro-Pneumatic
EOT End of Train
EOT End of Transmission
EOT End of Text
FCE Field Code Emulator
FSK Frequency Shift Keying
GRS General Railway Signal
GDU Ground Detector Unit
CC Constant Carrier
CCB Communications Controller Board
CAB Cabin
CDU Communication Display Unit
CDU Cab Display Unit
TLBS TrasLatori Bit Error System
TMR Triple Modular Redundancy
VCOR Vital Cut-Off Relay
ICS Integrated Communications Switch
ICS Intercommunication System
ICS Intuitive Command Structure
ICSS Integrated Control and Supervision System
LCP Local Control Panel or Life Cycle Plan
V-ETMS Vital Electronic Train Management System
VSL Vital Serial Links
WIM Weigh In Motion
WILD Wheel Impact Load Detector
CTM Continuous Transmission Mode
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CPS Configure Permanent Schedule Task
CPS Cycles Per Second
CP Canadian Pacific Railroad
CP Color Printer
CP Control Point
CPR Constant Potential Rectifier
CU Coupling Unit
DART Digital Advanced Radio for Trains (Railtrack)
WSP Wayside Standard Platform
WAN Wide Area Network
WEU Wayside Encoder Unit
HVAC Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
HBD Hot Box Detector
HBD Hot Bearing Detector
HF High Frequency
ISO International Standards Organization
IMS Incident Management System
IMS Integrated Management System
WIU Wayside Interface Unit