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Railway Signaling Equipment (RSE) Full Product CatalogRSE Full Catalog USA EN USA
RSE-1 Table of Contents & IntroductionRSE-1 TOC & Intro. USA EN USA
RSE-1A1 MicroLok II Wayside Control System - General Information & Configuration GuideRSE-1A1 MLK II Wayside Cntrl Sys. - Gen. Info. & Config Guide USA EN USA
RSE-1A8 MicroLok II Sleep Mode Application (Dark Territory Track Integrity)RSE-1A8 MLK II Sleep Mode App. USA EN USA
RSE-1A12 MicroLok II Operation of LED SignalsRSE-1A12 MLK II Oper. of LED Sig. USA EN USA
RSE-1A14 MicroLok II Half-Box (H.B.) UnitRSE-1A14 MLK II H.B. Unit USA EN USA
RSE-1D1 Cardfiles (MicroLok II Applications)RSE-1D1 Cardfiles (MLK II App.) USA EN USA
RSE-1D2 ViPro® Multi-Purpose CPU PCBRSE-1D2 ViPro® Multi-Purp. CPU PCB USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.1 MicroLok II Central Processing Unit (CPU) PCBs: Standard, PTC-Upgradeable, VitalNet & Genisys II CSIBRSE-1D2.1 MLK II CPU PCBs: Standard, PTC-Upgradeable, VitalNet & Genisys II CSIB USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.2 MicroLok II Vital Input/Output (I/O) PCBsRSE-1D2.2 MLK II Vital Input/Output (I/O) PCBs USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.3 MicroLok II Non-Vital Input/Output (I/O) PCBsRSE-1D2.3 MLK II NV I/O PCBs USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.4 MicroLok II LED & Incandescent Signal Lamp Driver PCBsRSE-1D2.4 MLK II LED & Incandescent Sig. Lamp Driver PCBs USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.5 MicroLok II Track Circuit PCBsRSE-1D2.5 MLK II TC PCBs USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.6 MicroLok II Sleep Mode PCBRSE-1D2.6 MLK II Sleep Mode PCB USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.7 MicroLok II Cab Signal PCBsRSE-1D2.7 MLK II Cab Sig. PCBs USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.8 MicroLok II Communications & Serial Link Relay PCBsRSE-1D2.8 MLK II Comm. & Serial Link Relay PCBs USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.9 MicroLok II Vital Hot Standby Synchronization PCBRSE-1D2.9 MLK II Vital Hot Standby Synchronization PCB USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.10 MicroLok II Power Supply & Conditional Power Supply (CPS) PCBsRSE-1D2.10 MLK II PS & CPS PCBs USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.11 MicroLok II Built-In Local Control PanelsRSE-1D2.11 MLK II Built-In LCP USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.12 MicroLok II Cardfile Blank PanelsRSE-1D2.12 MLK II Cardfile Blank Panels USA EN USA
RSE-1D2.20 MicroLok II Discrete Wire Connector/Cable Assemblies for Cardfile PCBsRSE-1D2.20 MLK II Discrete Wire Connector/Cable Assemblies for Cardfile PCBs USA EN USA
RSE-1D3 Track Interface Panels (MicroLok II Applications)RSE-1D3 Track Interface Panels (MLK II App.) USA EN USA
RSE-1D4 Quick-Shunt Module (MicroLok II Applications)RSE-1D4 Quick-Shunt Module (MLK II App.) USA EN USA
RSE-1D5 AC Lamp Driver, Hot Filament Checker & Redundancy PCB (MicroLok II Applications)RSE-1D5 AC Lamp Driver, Hot Filament Checker & Redundancy PCB (MLK II App.) USA EN USA
RSE-1D6 Output Isolation Modules (MicroLok II Applications)RSE-1D6 Output Isolation Modules (MLK II App.) USA EN USA
RSE-1D7 Input Isolation Module (MicroLok II & MicroLok Object Controller Applications)RSE-1D7 Input Isolation Module (MOC) USA EN USA
RSE-1D8 Serial Interface Protective Equipment (MicroLok II Applications)RSE-1D8 Serial Interface Protective Equip. (MLK II App.) USA EN USA
RSE-1D9 Serial-To-Ethernet Converter (MicroLok II Applications)RSE-1D9 SEC (MLK II App.) USA EN USA
RSE-1D10 Vital Cut-Off Relay (MicroLok II Applications)RSE-1D10 Vital Cut-Off Relay (MLK II App.) USA EN USA
RSE-1D11 Non-Vital Interposer Relays MicroLok II & MicroLok Object Controller Applications)RSE-1D11 NV Interposer Relays (MOC) USA EN USA
RSE-1D12 Solid-State Switch Machine Modules & Associated Equipment (MicroLok II & MicroLok Object Controller Applications)RSE-1D12 SS Sw. Mach. Modules (MOC) USA EN USA
RSE-1D13 TCP/IP Network Hub (MicroLok II & MicroLok Object Controller Applications)RSE-1D13 TCP/IP Network Hub (MOC) USA EN USA
RSE-1D14 Cab Interface ModuleRSE-1D14 Cab Inter. Module USA EN USA
RSE-1E1 Easy Rail SimulatorRSE-1E1 Easy Rail Sim. USA EN USA
RSE-1E2 Easy Rail MaintainerRSE-1E2 Easy Rail Maint. USA EN USA
RSE-1E3 Easy Rail Event RecorderRSE-1E3 Easy Rail Event Rec. USA EN USA
RSE-1E4 Easy Rail LCPRSE-1E4 Easy Rail LCP USA EN USA
RSE-1F1 AF-902/AF-904 Generation II Digital FSK Track CircuitRSE-1F1 AF-902/AF-904 Gen. II Digital FSK TC USA EN USA
RSE-1F2 AF-902/AF-904 Generation II Digital FSK Track Circuits Major ComponentsRSE-1F2 AF-902/AF-904 Gen. II Digital FSK TC Major Components USA EN USA
RSE-1F3 Single-Rail & Double-Rail Power Frequency Track CircuitsRSE-1F3 Single-Rail & Double-Rail PF TC USA EN USA
RSE-1G1 Positive Train Control (PTC) Systems & Equipment Passive Transponder & Transponder Tester/ProgrammerRSE-1G1 PTC Sys. & Equip. Passive Transponder & Transponder Tester/Programmer USA EN USA
RSE-1G2 MicroLok II-Based Wayside Interface Unit (WIU) for PTC ApplicationsRSE-1G2 MLK II-Based WIU for PTC App. USA EN USA
RSE-1H1 Field Device Controller Generation 3 System OverviewRSE-1H1 FDC Gen. 3 Sys. Over. USA EN USA
RSE-1H2 Field Device Controller Generation 3 Core HardwareRSE-1H2 FDC Gen. 3 Core HWD USA EN USA
RSE-1H3 Field Device Controller Generation 3 GPCU ModuleRSE-1H3 FDC Gen. 3 GPCU Module USA EN USA
RSE-1H4 Field Device Controller Generation 3 DGTRACK ModuleRSE-1H4 FDC Gen. 3 DGTRACK Module USA EN USA
RSE-1H5 Field Device Controller Generation 3 CDBC ModuleRSE-1H5 FDC Gen. 3 CDBC Module USA EN USA
RSE-1H6 Field Device Controller Generation 3 MSID ModuleRSE-1H6 FDC Gen. 3 MSID Module USA EN USA
RSE-3A1 SML-24 Switch Lock & SMC ControllerRSE-3A1 SML-24 & SMC USA EN USA
RSE-3A2 SML-110 Switch Lock & PN-150SSR Solid-State RelayRSE-3A2 SML-110 & PN-150SSR SS Relay USA EN USA
RSE-3A3 Switch Machine Controller – Biased NeutralRSE-3A3 SMC – BN USA EN USA
RSE-3A5 EBNC Bi-Polar Driver Module USA EN USA
RSE-3B1 AFO-IIC Track Circuit for DC-Electrified & Dark TerritoriesRSE-3B1 AFO-IIC TC for DC-Electrified & Dark Territories USA EN USA
RSE-3B3 ATT-20 Audio Track TransceiverRSE-3B3 ATT-20 USA EN USA
RSE-3C2 Phase-Selective Unit (PSU)RSE-3C2 PSU USA EN USA
RSE-3D2 Style “S” Electro-Pneumatic Train StopRSE-3D2 Style “S” EP TS USA EN USA
RSE-3E1 W-400 Transformer USA EN USA
RSE-3E2 W-800 Transformers USA EN USA
RSE-3F1 CCR Constant Current RectifiersRSE-3F1 CCR USA EN USA
RSE-3F2 CPR Constant Potential RectifiersRSE-3F2 CPR USA EN USA
RSE-3G3 F-85 Inverter-Driver USA EN USA
RSE-3H2 USGA Lightning Arresters USA EN USA
RSE-3H3 USSP Secondary Surge SuppressorsRSE-3H3 USSP USA EN USA
RSE-3H4 Noise Filters for MicroLok II SystemsRSE-3H4 Noise Filters for MLK II Sys. USA EN USA
RSE-3J1 Track Circuit SimulatorRSE-3J1 TC Simulator USA EN USA
RSE-3J3 Colorlight Signal SimulatorRSE-3J3 Colorlight Sig. Simulator USA EN USA
RSE-3K1 Dragging Equipment Detector Retrofit KitRSE-3K1 Dragging Equip. Detector Retrofit Kit USA EN USA
RSE-4A1 Ordering Guide: Solid-State Replacements for Electro-Mechanical Relays & TimersRSE-4A1 Ordering Guide: SS Replacements for Electro-Mechanical Relays & Timers USA EN USA
RSE-4B2 PN-150EVT Series Electronic Vital Timer Relays USA EN USA
RSE-4C1 PN-250CG SS Plug-In Solid-State Code Transmitter RelayRSE-4C1 PN-250CG SS Plug-In SSCT Relay USA EN USA
RSE-4C2 SSCT-B2 Plug-In Solid-State Code Transmitter (Replacement for Alstom Type B-2 Transmitter)RSE-4C2 SSCT-B2 Plug-In USA EN USA
RSE-4C5 PC-250B/EL SS Plug-In Solid-State Code Follower - Biased (Replacement for PC-250B Relay)RSE-4C5 PC-250B/EL SS Plug-In SS Code Follower – Biased USA EN USA
RSE-4C6 SSCF-B1 Plug-In Solid-State Code Follower - BiasedRSE-4C6 SSCF-B1 Plug-In SS Code Follower - Biased USA EN USA
RSE-4C7 PC-250B SS Plug-In Code Follower Relay - Track USA EN USA
RSE-4C8 PC-250P SS Plug-In Solid-State Code Follower Relay – Polar StickRSE-4C8 PC-250P SS Plug-In SS Code Follower Relay – Polar Stick USA EN USA
RSE-4C9 CD SS Shelf Mount Code Follower Relay - BiasedRSE-4C9 CD SS Shelf Mount CDP - Biased USA EN USA
RSE-4C10 CD SS Shelf Mount Code Follower Relay - TrackRSE-4C10 CD SS Shelf Mount CDP - Track USA EN USA
RSE-4C11 CDP SS Shelf Mount Code Follower Relay – Polar StickRSE-4C11 CDP SS Shelf Mount CDP – Polar Stick USA EN USA
RSE-4D3 Electronic Relay Reset Module USA EN USA
RSE-4E1 PN-150B Biased RelayRSE-4E1 PN-150B USA EN USA
RSE-4E2 PN-150HD Biased Relay (With Heavy Duty Contacts)RSE-4E2 PN-150HD USA EN USA
RSE-4E4 PN-250B Biased RelayRSE-4E4 PN-250B USA EN USA
RSE-4F1 PN-150BSR Slow Release Biased RelayRSE-4F1 PN-150BSR USA EN USA
RSE-4F2 PN-258B Slow Pick-Up Biased RelayRSE-4F2 PN-258B USA EN USA
RSE-4F3 PN-258BSR Slow Pick-Up/Slow Release Biased RelayRSE-4F3 PN-258BSR USA EN USA
RSE-4F4 PN-259BSR Slow Release Biased Relay (With Delayed Deenergization Response)RSE-4F4 PN-259BSR Slow Release Biased Relay USA EN USA
RSE-4G1 PN-150BTR Biased Track RelayRSE-4G1 PN-150BTR USA EN USA
RSE-4H1 PN-150F Flasher RelayRSE-4H1 PN-150F USA EN USA
RSE-4H2 PN-250F Solid-State Flasher Relay (Replacement for ASTS USA PF-256 Relay)RSE-4H2 PN-250F SS Flasher Relay USA EN USA
RSE-4J1 PV-250 Two-Element AC Vane RelayRSE-4J1 PV-250 USA EN USA
RSE-4K1 PP-151 Magnetic Stick RelayRSE-4K1 PP-151 USA EN USA
RSE-4K2 PN-150BM Magnetic Blow Out RelayRSE-4K2 PN-150BM USA EN USA
RSE-4L1 PN-150SO DC Switch Control RelayRSE-4L1 PN-150SO USA EN USA
RSE-4L2 PN-152SO DC Switch Control RelayRSE-4L2 PN-152SO USA EN USA
RSE-4L3 PN-258BC Decoding RelayRSE-4L3 PN-258BC USA EN USA
RSE-4N4 PN-250BE Code Following RelayRSE-4N4 PN-250BE USA EN USA
RSE-4O1 PN-159B Vital Carborne RelayRSE-4O1 PN-159B USA EN USA
RSE-4P1 PN-150BL Light Out RelayRSE-4P1 PN-150BL USA EN USA
RSE-4Q1 PN-150P Power-Off RelayRSE-4Q1 PN-150P USA EN USA
RSE-4R1 PN-150 & PN-250 Style Plug-In Relay BasesRSE-4R1 PN-150 & PN-250 USA EN USA
RSE-4R2 PN-150 Style Relay Bases: Alstom/Safetran-CompatibleRSE-4R2 PN-150 Style Relay Bases USA EN USA
RSE-4S1 Field & Shop Maintenance Tools/Supplies for PN-Series Vital RelaysRSE-4S1 Field & Shop Maint. Tools/Supplies for PN-Series Vital Relays USA EN USA
RSE-4T1 PN Relay Shelf Mounting Brackets USA EN USA
RSE-5A1 Model 95 Highway Crossing Gate MechanismRSE-5A1 Model 95 HC Gate Mechanism USA EN USA
RSE-5A2 Model 95 Gate Mechanism Installation, Upgrade & Retrofit Components & ToolsRSE-5A2 Model 95 Gate Mech. Inst., Upgrade & Retrofit Components USA EN USA
RSE-5A3 Model 95-Based Four Quadrant Gate Mechanism SystemRSE-5A3 Model 95-Based Four Quadrant Gate Mechanism Sys. USA EN USA
RSE-5B1 HC-120B Flashing Light Units & Assemblies USA EN USA
RSE-5C1 Highway Crossing MastsRSE-5C1 HC Masts USA EN USA
RSE-5C2 Highway Crossing Mast Mechanical Attachments (Junction Box Bases, Pinnacles, Rodent Covers, Wind Guards)RSE-5C2 HC Mast Mech. Attachments USA EN USA
RSE-5C3 Highway Crossing BellsRSE-5C3 HC Bells USA EN USA
RSE-5C4 Highway Crossing Gate ArmsRSE-5C4 HC Gate Arms USA EN USA
RSE-5C5 Highway Crossing Gate Arm CounterweightsRSE-5C5 HC Gate Arm Counterweights USA EN USA
RSE-5C6 Highway Crossing SignsRSE-5C6 HC Signs USA EN USA
RSE-5E1 HX-1 & HX-1A Highway Crossing Power PacksRSE-5E1 HX-1 & HX-1A HC Power Packs USA EN USA
RSE-5F1 Ordering Guide (Complete Highway Crossing Assembly with Gate Mechanism & Arm & without Gate)RSE-5F1 Ordering Guide USA EN USA
RSE-6A3.1 M-23A, M-23B, M-3 & Low-Profile M-3 Switch Machines with MCCRSE-6A3.1 M-23A, M-23B, M-3 & Low-Profile M-3 Sw. Mach. with MCC USA EN USA
RSE-6A3.2 M-23A, M-23B & M-3 Switch Machines with MCC & IDPRSE-6A3.2 M-23A, M-23B & M-3 Sw. Mach. with MCC & IDP USA EN USA
RSE-6A3.6 M-3, M-23A & M-23B Switch Machines with IECC®, Permanent Magnet Motor & MCU or EBNCRSE-6A3.6 Sw. Mach. with IECC®, Permanent Magnet Motor & MCU or EBNC USA EN USA
RSE-6A4 Support & Upgrade Equipment for Style “M” Switch MachinesRSE-6A4 Support & Upgrade Equip. for Style “M” Sw. Mach. USA EN USA
RSE-6A7 Electronic Biased Neutral Circuit Controller Retrofit for Alstom Switch MachinesRSE-6A7 EBNC Controller Retrofit for Alstom Sw. Mach. USA EN USA
RSE-6A9 IECC® Retrofit Kit for M-3, M-23A & M-23B Electric Switch MachinesRSE-6A9 IECC® Retrofit Kit for M-3, M-23A & M-23B Electric Sw. Mach. USA EN USA
RSE-6A10 IECC® Test UnitRSE-6A10 IECC® Test Unit USA EN USA
RSE-6A11 Point Protect MonitorRSE-6A11 Point Protect Monitor USA EN USA
RSE-6B1 A-10 Electro-Pneumatic Switch MachineRSE-6B1 A-10 EP Sw. Mach. USA EN USA
RSE-6B2 A-5 Electro-Pneumatic Switch MachineRSE-6B2 A-5 EP Sw. Mach. USA EN USA
RSE-6C1 YM-2000 Yard Electric Switch MachineRSE-6C1 YM-2000 Yard Electric Sw. Mach. USA EN USA
RSE-6D1 DA-10 Yard Electro-Pneumatic Switch Machine & Retrofit Valve HeadRSE-6D1 DA-10 Yard EP Sw. Mach. & Retrofit Valve Head USA EN USA
RSE-6E1 T-20 & T-21 Hand-Operated Switch MachinesRSE-6E1 T-20 & T-21 Hand-Operated Sw. Mach. USA EN USA
RSE-6F1 U-5 Circuit Controller USA EN USA
RSE-6G3 SL-25 Electric Switch LockRSE-6G3 SL-25 Electric USA EN USA
RSE-6H1 Operating Rods & Point Detector Lugs for Switch Circuit Controllers USA EN USA
RSE-6H2 Switch Lock Lever Lock Rods USA EN USA
RSE-6H4 Swivel Front Rods & Swivel Point Lugs USA EN USA
RSE-6J1 Tools for Switch Machines, Switch Layout Hardware & Related EquipmentRSE-6J1 Tools for Sw. Mach., Switch Layout Hardware & Related Equip. USA EN USA
RSE-6K1 Pedestal-Mounted Junction Boxes USA EN USA
RSE-7A1 LED Signals: General InformationRSE-7A1 LED Sig.: Gen. Info. USA EN USA
RSE-7A2 LED Signal Unit, Constant Current Regulator & Driver Protection BoardRSE-7A2 LED Sig. Unit, CCR & Driver Protection Board USA EN USA
RSE-7B1 Multi-Purpose Color Light Signals: LED & IncandescentRSE-7B1 Multi-Purpose Color Light Sig.: LED & Incandescent USA EN USA
RSE-7B2 Transit SignalsRSE-7B2 Transit Sig. USA EN USA
RSE-7B4 ES-20 Color Light Electric Switch SignalRSE-7B4 ES-20 Color Light Electric Switch Sig. USA EN USA
RSE-7J1 Incandescent Signal LampsRSE-7J1 Incandescent Sig. Lamps USA EN USA
RSE-9A1 Miscellaneous Service & Installation PartsRSE-9A1 Misc. Service & Install. Parts USA EN USA
RSE-10 RSE Catalog Index USA EN USA