M-3 with ECC & MCU Switch Machine


M-3 with ECC & MCU Switch Machine

The M-3 Electric Switch Machines are rugged, reliable, units designed for any installation where electric power is available. M-3 Switch Machines are recommended for applications where there is seldom a need to manually operate the switch, but it can be hand cranked if need be. The M3 is designed with an overall height of 10 ¼”, which is 4 3/8” lower profile for use mainly in transit systems, where overall height is a concern. There are also other options to lower the standard M-3 by another 5/8” if necessary. 

These machines can be equipped with a Mechanical Circuit Controller (MCC) or an Electronic Circuit Controller (ECC). The fully solid-state ECC eliminates the circuit-controller sensitivity degradation intrinsic to MCCs, and provides other maintenance and operating features not available with MCCs.

The machine may also be equipped with an Electronic Biased Neutral Controller (EBNC) or a Motor Control Unit (MCU). The EBNC is used with ECC to enable direct control of the switch machine using a bipolar output of a vital logic controller such as the MicroLok® II or the MicroLok® Object Controller MCUs built into these machines permits bipolar motor control from a wayside source. The EBNC is used for applications which use a single polarity for motor control power, and the EBNC flips the polarity according to output from the vital logic controller. The MCU is used for applications which send two polarities for motor control power, and the correct polarity is determined on the wayside before it is sent to the machine.

These machines are available with a variety of operating speeds, gear ratios and motor voltages. Among other options are heaters in the CC or motor compartments (various wattages), closed lock rod ports, local/remote control feature, surge suppressor PCB, fixed clutch slip setting at 14 Amps and aluminum exterior paint.